The last 9 months have been crazy. So. Much. Has. Happened. Maybe even TOO much has happened. If that even makes sense? We made a cross country move. And here I am trying to remember WHY in the hell I decided that was ever a good idea!! I was comfortable where we lived. I had a couple of friends. I was content. You know how they say “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”? Well believe it. That is the truest saying I’ve ever had to live. Some days I get so down about all of the bad choices that I THOUGHT would be beneficial to our family. Right at 5 months after our move and I just feel… empty. So very empty. The regret is so overwhelming. We have bought a new house, Josh gets paid more here, and the weather is so nice. But none of that outweighs “home”. Arizona is my home. Yeah, sure I was born and raised in Mississippi, but it never felt like home.

If you’re reading this then I know it’s starting to seem like one of THOSE sad, annoying posts, but that is not the intention. What I want ya’ll to know is what I have and am still learning from all of this. Number 1, water your grass. Number 2, never ever, ever, ever, ever make a cross country move for family (especially family that you don’t even have a healthy relationship with anyway!!). Number 3, a big, beautiful home and money won’t truly make you happy (at least not for long). Number 4, appreciate where you are in life right now. Appreciate the people in your life that truly care about you and your family. Just be thankful for EXACTLY where you are at!